Real Estate Transactions—Residential Property Forms (Downloadable)

#  This form is new or has been changed since the prior edition.  Please click on the links below to view a sample of the first page of the forms listed.  Sample forms are for illustrative purposes only.  The current versions of these forms are available upon purchase. 

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Form NameFormat
RE001Blank Worksheet for Estimating Closing CostsMicrosoft Word (1 page)
RE002Attorney's Checklist—Action Prior to, at Time of, and Subsequent to ClosingMicrosoft Word (3 pages)
RE002AResidential Contract of Sale (NYSBA/NYSLTA/ABCNY/NYCLA)Microsoft Word/PDF (9 pages)
RE003Contract of Sale (NYBTU Form 8041)PDF (6 pages)
RE003AProperty Condition Disclosure Statement
Microsoft Word (4 pages)
RE004Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form for Housing SalesMicrosoft Word (1 page)
RE005Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form for Housing Rentals and LeasesMicrosoft Word (1 page)
RE006Rider Clauses to Contract of Sale—PurchaserMicrosoft Word (6 pages)
RE007Holdover Agreement (Short Form)Microsoft Word (1 page)
RE008Holdover Agreement (Long Form)Microsoft Word (1 page)
RE009Occupancy Agreement 
Microsoft Word (1 page)
RE010 Acceleration Affidavit-To Postpone Condition Requiring Borrower to Sell Current Residence  PDF (1 page)
RE011Attorney's Affidavit of Compliance 
Microsoft Word (1 page)
RE012Warranty Deed with Full Covenants 
Microsoft Word (3 pages)
RE013Bargain and Sale Deed with Covenant Against Grantor's Acts 
Microsoft Word (2 pages)
RE014Bargain and Sale Deed without Covenant Against Grantor's Acts Microsoft Word (3 pages)
RE015Quitclaim Deed 
Microsoft Word (3 pages)
RE016Executor's Deed
Microsoft Word (3 pages)
RE016AAdministrator's Deed
PDF (1 page)
RE017Referee's Deed in Foreclosure
Microsoft Word (2 pages)
RE018F.I.R.P.T.A. Non-Foreign Certification by Individual Transferor
PDF (1 page)
RE019F.I.R.P.T.A. Affidavit of Facts Relating to the Withholding of Tax upon the Disposition of United States Real Property Interests Pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 1445(B)(2)
PDF (1 page)
RE020Undertaking/Indemnity for Transfer Tax by Transferee and Its Designated Title Agency 
Microsoft Word (1 page)