The Committee on Leadership Development shall be charged with:

  • Identifying, encouraging, and mentoring prospective leaders of the Association, including but not limited to activities and initiatives focused on leadership development of new lawyers;
  • Serving as a resource to the President in identifying Association members for possible committee, task force and other Presidential appointments;
  • Providing information, resources and guidance on the leadership opportunities available within the State Bar to potential leaders, as well as bar leaders statewide who could assist the Committee in recruiting new leaders;
  • Furthering the goals of enhancing diversity among the leaders of the Association;
  • Fostering the participation of former officers, section and committee leaders in Association activities; and 
  • Serving as a resource to the Nominating Committee, proposing members who are in the judgment of the Committee potential candidates for office within the Association.

In conducting its work, where appropriate, the Committee shall consult with other entities and individuals, including sections, the New York State Conference of Bar Leaders, the Committee on Diversity, the Committee on Women in the Law, minority and women’s bar associations, county and local bar associations, and others.

The Committee shall report to the President and the House of Delegates as directed.