Zoning and Land Use Forms (Downloadable)

#  This form is new or has been changed since the prior edition.  Please click on the links below to view a sample of the first page of the forms listed.  Sample forms are for illustrative purposes only.  The current versions of these forms are available upon purchase. 

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ZON001Amendment to Zoning Local LawMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON002Application for Appeal to the Zoning Board of AppealsMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON003Application for Change in ZoningMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON004Application for Public Access to Records and ResponseMicrosoft Word (7 pages)
ZON005Application for Public Access to Records and Response (Alternate Form)Microsoft Word (2 pages)
ZON006Area Variance Denied (Setback) Sample Appeal ActionMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON007Area Variance Granted (Setback) Sample Appeal ActionMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON008Area Variance: Insufficient Front FootageMicrosoft Word (12 pages)
ZON009Area Variance: Insufficient HeightMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON010Area Variance: Maximum Lot CoverageMicrosoft Word (3 page)
ZON011Basic Form for Complaint, Violation of Zoning OrdinanceMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON012Code Violation Letter from AttorneyMicrosoft Word (1 page)

Compliance Order to Remedy Violation of Uniform Fire and Building Code

Microsoft Word (2 pages)
ZON014Contract - Zoning to Accommodate Rezoning for Senior Housing Project Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON015Determination of Type II Action 
Microsoft Word (5 pages)
ZON016Determination that Proposed Activity Does Not Require Environmental ReviewMicrosoft Word (3 pages)
ZON017Environmental Notice Bulletin Form 
Microsoft Word (35 pages)
ZON018Form for Use Variance FindingsMicrosoft Word (6 pages)
ZON019General Release and Indemnification Agreement to Accommodate Site Plan Review for Environmental Remediation 
Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON020Information Regarding Zoning Ordinance Violation 
Microsoft Word (12 pages)











































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