Committee on State Court Counsel

The purpose of the Committee on State Court Counsel is to provide support for attorneys who work within the state courts, and improve communication between the commercial bar and those attorneys within the court system.   The Committee has also taken an active role with the Commercial Division Law Clerks, focusing on being a resource for them both in terms of professional assistance during their clerkships, and in their post-clerkship employment efforts.  The Committee also solicits suggestions from both the bench and the bar on ways in which attorneys in the court system can better serve the legal community.    

Among the Committee’s previous programs was a CLE program developed to address issues in electronic discovery for court attorneys, with a focus on how those issues impact case administration and discovery conferences.  The Committee also developed a multi-class CLE program on the application of mediation skills in settlement and discovery conferences.  The Committee also designed and staffed a CLE program, aimed at practitioners, on appearing before the Commercial Division.

The Committee has and welcomes new membership from law clerks, court attorneys, referees and private practitioners. 

The Committee on State Court Counsel is Co-Chaired by Hon. Melissa A. Crane and Deborah E. Edelman,  

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