Committee on Internet and Cybersecurity Litigation

The mission of the Committee on Internet and Cyber Security is to educate Sections members regarding intellectual property ("IP") issues in litigation and illuminate new challenges and possible solutions to issues presented in IP litigation.

As patents, copyrights trademarks and trade secrets - has become an  increasingly important commercial asset, especially in New York, which is home to many IP-intensive businesses, including pharmaceuticals, computers and software, entertainment and advertising, litigation regarding IP issues now involves complex technology, high states, and constantly changing rules.  The Internet has become a major source of IP litigation, providing new causes of action as well as variations on existing causes of action that may or may not be analyzed using pre-Internet precedents.  The Internet also has dramatically changed the way in which litigation is conducted by permitting unprecedented access to, and the instantaneous transmission of, information.  It affects every aspect of litigation, from jurisdiction to discovery to the presentation of evidence.  The Committee serves its members and the Section by looking at these issues and others that arise in IP litigation.

The Internet and Intellectual Property Litigation Committee is co-chaired by Joseph V. DeMarco, DeVore & DeMarco LLP, New York City  and Peter J. Pizzi, Connell Foley LLP, New York City.

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