Antitrust Law Section Course Curriculum

The Antitrust Law Section aims to address the complex issues that constantly arise in the field, and to communicate about antitrust law with the profession as a whole.  Through formal comments on proposed legislation, the Section’s program held during NYSBA’s Annual Meeting presents the most current issues in presentations by experienced practitioners (including enforcement agency officials), economists and business persons.

The Section offers its members a variety of ways to participate.  The Section’s Executive Committee welcomes membership participation in these activities, as well as others, and encourages interested members to contact it to discuss opportunities.

The Antitrust Law Section also publishes the annual Antitrust Law Section Symposium, a transcript of the Section’s extremely popular NYSBA Annual Meeting program.  The resources available on the website are substantive case reviews, a comprehensive listing of links relevant to the Section and online access to Section publications and special reports.  The Antitrust Law Section addresses major professional issues that affect practitioners, and advocates those positions where appropriate, including within the New York State Bar Association and to the United States and New York State legislatures.

Membership in the New York State Bar Association’s Antitrust Law Section is a valuable way for you to keep up-to-date on the growing number of issues and concerns that face the ever-changing legal profession. 

Upcoming Programs
2020 Annual Antitrust Symposium - Reassessing the Consumer Welfare Model in the Age of Technology
Thursday, March 5 | 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. | NYC

Beginner Programs
Antitrust Law Basics 2019

Intermediate Programs
William H
oward Taft Lecture: After AMEX: Multi-Sided Markets, Anticompettive Effects and the Rule of Reason | 2018 | NYC  

New York Antitrust & Consumer Protection Law (Print)
New York Antitrust & Consumer Protection Law (E-Book) 
Barbara Hart, Esq. 
Robert Hubbard, Esq.
Stephen S. Madsen, Esq. 

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